Experience deeper aspects of yourself, in relation to other.

Feel and express love, while being witnessed by community.

Accelerate your growth by leaning on the collective consciousness.

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Core Agreements:



What happens in circle, stays in circle. You are free to talk about your own experience, but we must create the safety to allow the group to present their raw, unfiltered selves, without fear of reprocussions in the outside world.

Play all in

Take off your mask. Show up. Be present. 

Take care of yourself

This may mean setting boundaries, calling a time out, or just rehydrating. However it looks for you, it is expected that everyone who shows up is able to take care of themselves, even if it means asking for help.

Don’t caretake others

Don’t take someone out of their misery because you are uncomfortable with it. Instead, offer your compassionate presence, and give them the honor of moving through their process in their own time.

Circle Concepts:

Emotional Tracking

One of the core concepts that we teach in circle is to be able to communicate your inner landscape. This means being able to track your emotions, in realtime, and share what’s happening as things shift. The best way to learn, is to practice.

Magic carpet ride

As someone learns more about themself in the presence of others, it can open the space for people to get a “free ride.” Those that resonate will often have profound insights into their own lives, just by witnessing another’s work.

There is nothing to ‘fix’

In circle, we work with the notion that there is a place in us that is already whole, healed, and healthy. Rather than trying to ‘fix’ something that is broken, we expand what is already good and whole.

How you do circle, is how you do life

What comes up for you in circle is often, dare I say always, what comes up for you in your life. Through some magical force, the perfect scenarios show up in circle, giving us the opportunity to track how we react, and the opportunity to restructure how we respond. 

So what happens at a circle?

We will lead you through exercises

Our job as facilitators is first and foremost, to create a safe container. We do this with agreements, and by ‘translating’ any group dynamics by naming some of the non-verbal cues that happen in circle.

Next, we will offer exercises. You can think of these as little ‘experiments’ to help you get to know yourself better. 


You may ask to take space

Once the container has been set, and the group has been guided into a field of presence, you will have the opportunity to ask for space. This means receiving the attention of the entire group. You say “I’d like to check in, may I have your attention?” and then share with the group. Alternatively, you may want to go a bit deeper than just sharing, or ask for the support of the group. We call this ‘taking space.

“I’d like to take space, may I have your attention?”

You may ask to take space because:

1. You know what you want, and can ask for it in a clear manner

2. You want to expand in a specific way, but are not sure how. In this case, the group can provide an imprint for you, by demonstrating the particular frequency you wish to grow in, or you can receive an exercise perscribed by the group.

3. You feel something brewing, and have no idea what you need. In this case, a facilitator will guide you towards getting more clarity, and option 1 or 2 may become available.

Hear what people are saying:

I’ve never felt a stronger bond with Sarah than I do right now. The circle has given us a language of understanding one another that surpasses where we’ve been before. I see in her a presence that fits her as though a flower blossomed from her soul that is hers to share. We can hold space for each other with potency and presence. 


I am amazed that a group of strangers can become so close, supportive, and bond in such a short amount of time. For those looking for a place to begin exploring themselves, this is a great first step. You both created a safe environment where I felt able to let go and examine parts of my soul that are normally covered,  ignored, or abandoned. The experience has enriched my sense of self, and opened up pathways I would not otherwise have known. It also gives me a renewed sense of connection and faith in others.