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The Giant Elephant

There is a giant elephant in the middle of room of corporate culture. There is this generally accepted notion, that only certain parts of us are accepted in the workplace, and other parts, like emotions, are strictly prohibited, to be dealt with on your own time.

At HeartWise, we believe that whatever is repressed, gets expressed one way or another. The problem is when things get expressed in a sideways fashion, like passive aggressive behavior.

Yes, there is a time and place for linear-thinking, black and white decisions, and strictly logical decision making, BUT, by ignoring the difficult conversation, the emotion-filled opinion, or ANY part of someones authentic belief, we create a culture of division, segregation and outright fear in some cases.

HeartWise Circles offer an opportunity to invite a person as a whole; to address the un-logical, grey parts, and a safe container. If it sounds scary, it often can be! But we’re here to tell you that time and time again, the payoff is exponentially better, bringing more clarity, communication and energy into your workplace.